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Christian Louboutin 2016 autumn and winter pit pattern soles series

Classic Christian Louboutin men’s shoes coupled with practical novelty pit pattern soles, show fashion attitude, so that men show the chivalric spirit in the autumn and winter of this year. Maintain the fashion personality. The shoes are low-key and subtle, with a toe design, and the use of the popular Roadie, Dandelion and Greggo shoe last, create a new style, including Hubertus Orlato Flat, Melon Flat, Melon Spikes Flat and Rossini Flat. This season the selection of fabrics and decoration are eye-catching and outstanding, including avant-garde flannel and the new matte Flocom nest nails, express the brand’s unique taste.

Christian Louboutin pit pattern soles made of polyurethane injection molding, containing multi-layer rubber material, the surface covered with the brand’s classic bright red. Rubber sole decorated with special inverted cone nest nail and chain ornaments, echoing the metal details of men’s series. Special thick rubber sole with function and appearance, providing comfortable support for men, also make day and night modeling more exciting.

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cheap christian louboutin outlet, Occasionally wear fresh color, but also more positive colors, such as are red. And are not very fancy style, with black and white, so simple is very significant color and gas field. Many people are always keen to buy the same star with the money, love beans with the money. Such as free search on a treasure in a search, the power of the same paragraph, out of not too much Oh. In fact, wearing them is a seller show, wear on you may be a buyer show. Not that you are not good enough, but this is not your food. red bottom shoes uk Clear their own body and temperament, in order to shape their own early fashion. Rule four: a bold attempt, do not give yourself too many restrictions Although it is important for their own, but to find their own style, and not so easy. I used to go shopping with friends, such as Tristan. Sometimes found a dress quite suitable for her, and asked her not to try discount christian louboutin

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