Best Yonex Badminton Rackets For Beginners

Badminton is one of the most played and loving indoor game. For playing badminton racket is a personal weapon of every player. The selection of best-suited racket is the very important point for every player. There are millions of different rackets from different brands designed for best badminton Yonex players but each racket has its own unique specifications some are designed for single play some for doubles , some are designed for smashes while some for defense. Some of them are very tough while others are not which needs to be used properly or it will break.

Most of the beginners when they start playing don’t know which racket to buy. It is essential for the beginners to buy a rough and tough racket for themselves. And to beginners I strongly recommend not to buy and expensive racket because its likely they will smash it with other player racket which can easily result it to break. This article is specially for beginners to guide them which racket they should buy.

The following is the list of rackets for beginners.

  • Premium Quality Set Of Badminton Rackets ( Trained)
  • Ultra Light Badminton Racket.
  • Sensation S 300 Graphite Badminton For beginners.
  • Yonex Basic 6000 Badminton Racket.
  • Yonex Basic 5000 Badminton Racket.
  • Sport time Mini Badminton Racket for beginners.
  • Yonex B 350 Badminton Racket.
  • Yonex Basic 4000 ( Combo Set )
  • Badminton Racket ADIBO ( Professional )
  • Sensation N80 Graphite Single High Grade Badminton Racket.

These are one of the best badminton rackets of 2018 for beginners. These rackets are cheap, durable and light weight. These rackets are from some of the most well badminton manufacturing brands from all over the world such as Yonex, Li Ning, Trained, Advance, ADIBO etc. buy one of them for your play and get the most out of your game.

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